Thermal-Aware System Analysis and Software Synthesis for Embedded Multi-Processors

Lothar Thiele, Lars Schor, Hoeseok Yang and Iuliana Bacivarov.
Design Automation & Test in Europe. March 14th-18th, 2011. Grenoble, France.
Nowadays, the reliability and performance of modern embedded multi-processor systems is threaten by the ever-increasing power densities in integrated circuits, and a new additional goal of software synthesis is to reduce the peak temperature of the system. However, in order to perform thermal-aware mapping optimization, the timing and thermal characteristics of every candidate mapping have to be analyzed. While the task of analyzing timing characteristics of design alternatives has been extensively investigated in recent
years, there is still a lack of methods for accurate and fast thermal analysis. In order to obtain desired evaluation times, the system has to be simulated at a high abstraction level. This often results in a loss of accuracy, mainly due to missing knowledge of system’s characteristics. This paper addresses this challenge and presents methods to automatically calibrate high-level thermal evaluation methods. Furthermore, the viability of the methods for automated model calibration is illustrated by means of a novel high-level thermal evaluation method.