Compiling Applications for P2012 with the BIP Tool Chain

Ananda Basu, Marius Bozga, Sadddek Bensalem, Jean-Pierre Krimm, Julien Mottin, Christian Fabre and François Pacull.
1st Platform 2012 Developper Conference, STMicroelectronics \& CEA LETI, Minatec, Grenoble, France.
This presentation describes the results of applying the rigorous system design ow based on the BIP framework on two embedded target applications. The first application is used within the SMECY project and is an image processing application for patterns and form recognition in aerospace and defence industries. The second application is also an image processing application dedicated to produce actual images from camera raw sensor output, and is used within PRO3D. We will detail step-by-step the engineering activities by which an embedded data-flow application written in plain C can be parallelized, then ported to and compiled by the BIP tool chain and finally be run on P2012 manycore simulators. For each application, we first provide a description in DOL. The corresponding system model in BIP is generated from the above description along with the description of the architecture and a mapping. Finally, we generate the deployable code from the system model which is executed on the P2012 simulators.