A System Level Approach to Multi-core Thermal Sensors Calibration

Bartolini, Andrea and Sadri, MohammadSadegh and Beneventi, Francesco and Cacciari, Matteo and Tilli, Andrea and Benini, Luca.
Integrated Circuit and System Design. Power and Timing Modeling, Optimization, and Simulation.
Many-cores systems on chip provide the highest performance scaling potential due to the massive parallelism, but they suffer from thermal issues due to their high power densities. Thermal sensors and feedback strategies are used to reduce these threats but sensor accuracy directly impact control performance. In this paper we propose a novel technique to calibrate thermal sensors. Our approach can be applied to general multi-core platforms since it combines stress patterns and least-square fitting to perform thermal sensor characterization directly on the target device. We experimentally validate our approach on the Single Chip Cloud (SCC) prototype by Intel.
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-24154-3_3