From BIP System Model to Platform P2012: A Code Generation Flow

Paraskevas Bourgos, Ananda Basu, Marius Bozga and Saddek Bensalem.
1st Platform P2012 Developper Conference, Grenoble, France.
We present an infrastructure for generating code for the P2012 platform from BIP system models. These models describe the behavior of mixed hardware/software systems. They can be simulated and formally verified using the BIP toolset. System models are obtained in a compositional and incremental manner, by source-to-source transformations, from descriptions of the application software, the hardware architecture, and the mapping. The above descriptions are given using the DOL framework. The generated code is targeted for the NPL runtime implemented for the P2012 platform, available within the 2011.1 SDK. This runtime provides API for thread management, memory allocation, communication and synchronization.