Component Assemblies in the Context of Many-Core

Ananda Basu, Saddek Bensalem, Marius Bozga, Paraskevas Bourgos, Mayur Maheshwari, and Jospeh Sifakis.
In Formal Methods for Components and Objects, 10th International Symposium FMCO 2011. State-of-the-Art Survey. Bernhard Beckert, Ferruccio Damiani, Frank de Boer, and Marcello Bonsangue, editors. volume 7542 of LNCS. Springer, 2013.
We present a component-based software design flow for building parallel applications running on top of manycore platforms. The flow is based on the BIP – Behaviour, Interaction, Priority – component
framework and its associated toolbox. It provides full support for modeling of application software, validation of its functional correctness, modeling and performance analysis on system-level models,
code generation and deployment on target manycore platforms. The paper details some of the steps of the design flow. The design flow is illustrated through the modeling and deployment of two
applications, the Cholesky factorization and the MJPEG decoding on MPARM, an ARM-based manycore platform. We emphasize the merits of the design flow, notably fast performance analysis
as well as code generation and efficient deployment on manycore platforms.